Xcience was founded in 2014 by Dr Martin Kemp, a leading UK expert in promoting nanotechnology and advanced materials and technologies, with a special emphasis on applications in hydrogen and clean energy. He has experience of commercialisation in a wide range of markets, and is Chairman of the IOM3 Nanomaterials Committee which organises events such as  Nanosurfaces, Nano4EVs, and Nano for Health.   He is recipient of the DJ Groen Award of IMechE. More information on Linked Inhttps://uk.linkedin.com/in/martin-kemp-15506b9


‘Logic will get you from A to B .. Imagination will get you everywhere’  Albert Einstein

These hands-on workshops are designed to facilitate development of INNOVATION STRATEGY & MARKETING IDEAS CREATION to propel your business into future success. Tailored for your company size (from start-ups to corporates) and market sector. Xcience will organise and facilitate a 1 or 2 day customised workshop with your staff in a relaxed and productive group-working environment to:

  • Explore and develop new business strategies
  • New ways of improving your product or service through innovation
  • Identify new opportunities and challenges and develop response strategies  
  • Developing new product concepts to meet changing market needs
  • Outcomes will be captured and reported to provide your company with a valuable resource.  

The custom Reports we can provide include:

  • Technology scouting – to identify technologies that could benefit your business
  • Strategic Market Opportunity Analysis for your product
  • Supply Chain Analysis – including leads creation
  • New technology developments - specialising in Nanotechnology and Graphene, Composites and Advanced Materials and Coatings for a wide range of markets. We work with partners to provide specialist reports in other areas such as medical technologies, chemicals, renewable energy and transportation. Contact us to discuss your requirement.


Services Include:

  • Bid writing, consortium building 
  • Events Promotion,  Exhibition Planning 
  • Strategic Marketing & Campaign Planning & Management
  • Sales Representation