Hydrogen Economy News Update July 2020


Hydrogen Road Transport

Hyundai have signed a deal with Faurecia for the supply of 1600 Hyundai fuel cell powered HGV trucks starting in 2021. The range and refuelling time is expected to be similar to conventional diesel variants.  It is predicted that by 2030, 2 million H2FC vehicles will be produced, of which 350,000 will be HGVs.   www.faurecia.com



In the Government-funded HyFlyer Project, Zeroavia have successfully flown a test flight of their hydrogen fuel cell powered electric Piper M350 aircraft from Cranfield Airport. The £2.7m project backed by the Aviation Technology Institute aims to replace conventional power systems with 100% green energy. Zeroavia plan to have a 10- to 20-seat commercial hydrogen-electric aircraft “ready for take-off on 500nm regional flights” within 3 years.  www.zeroavia.com


Germany Launches National Hydrogen Strategy

Germany has announced the launch of a national strategy for developing a hydrogen economy. The Strategy focuses particularly on heavy industry and aviation. A fund of €7bn for ramp-up of hydrogen technologies, plus €2bn for international partnerships has also been announced.